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Hey you!

Are you originally from elsewhere than Finland? Would you like to bring your home country forth in a positive way and get to know different people living in Finland? Are you interested in meeting new people? Do you have some themes or issues in mind that you would like to bring up for discussion?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, come and join our new theatre group!

We are looking for people to make a performance with us – a theatre piece about the thoughts and stories of immigrants living in the Mellunkylä area (Kontula, Mellunmäki, Kivikko, Vesala or Kurkimäki). Previous acting experience or skills are not required. You can join even if you don't want to perform at all, and only participate by telling your own story!

The group is also a great place to learn more Finnish. The group is a part of the Finnish National Theatre's Reittejä Kontulaan ("Routes to Kontula") project. Attendance is free.

If you are interested, please contact us:
tel. 010 7331 247/ 050 3826 323 or

Eveliina, director
Juho, dramaturg
Sofia, producer


Tuesday 14.4. at 17-21 (Asukastila Wanha Posti)
Tuesday 21.4. at 17-21 (Asukastila Wanha Posti)
Saturday 25.4. at 11-15 (Asukastila Kivenkolo)
Sunday 26.4. at 11-15 (Asukastila Kivenkolo)

Tuesday 5.5. at 17-21
Tuesday 12.5. at 17-21
Wendesday 13.5. at 17.00 Visiting
Tuesday 19.5. at 17-21
Tuesday 26.5. at 17-21

Rehearsals 2 times a week

Rehearsals 3-4 times a week

Premiere 5.10. at The National Theatre

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